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I Charles Joseph Burridge the Creator of the luxury T shirt brand JosephJames, created this purely for the men, guys and kings. (yeh i said it moving on) who truly love and appreciate putting a good fit together, from choosing your socks or boxers to choosing a hat to match the feet or a fly eye grabbing T shirt that you cant wait to show off once you take off the garment of good choice over the top of it.. if you know you know i could go on and on. 

So moving forward, somewhere in the process of putting my outfits together I realised i could always save myself with Jeans, trousers, tracksuit bottoms, shorts that Ive got in the inventory... or wardrobe shall I say. But T shirts? I could have a million and I need another.. I appreciate the feel, look, weights of all different T shirts and a lot of people I come across and interact with always compliment my T shirt and the smell of it. (I know, too much) but men know thats a great compliment and feeling to receive. If you want to receive that daily? Start here. Then over too the aftershave website of your choice.

When I say JosephJames I think of whats the next fly luxury T going to be?

and for you guys it will be too, head on over too our shop to browse or buy our range of lux T's, starting with our "TBFS"relaxed fit.

Its pure luxury to wear and to the trained and untrained eye.













JosephJames is inspired by luxury


  brands such as 



- UVUCLUB     



Each name and brand above have all a big key in the inspiration in not just the feel, look and designs of a garment we at JosephJames have produced and sold but also behind the scenes of what it would take to become a smidgen of what they are and what they're all doing as brands in their own respects. 


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